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Holding Beer And Liquor-Serving Establishments Accountable For Drunk Driving Injuries

Many people do not realize that they can hold bars, restaurants, beer and liquor stores, gas stations and other establishments accountable for selling alcohol to minors or intoxicated adults who are later injured or cause injury to others. This is referred to as dram shop liability for cases involving persons over the age of 18. When it involves minors, it is a violation of the Civil Damages Act, an Alabama law which prohibits individuals or businesses from providing alcohol to persons under the age of 18. Both laws allow family members to sue for injuries or wrongful death caused by the negligent service of alcohol.

If you or a family member were injured in a drunk driving accident and you are interested in pursuing action against the person or place that provided the alcohol, Mark A. Jackson, P.C. can help. For more than 30 years, Mr. Jackson has stood up for the rights of personal injury victims in Huntsville and throughout north Alabama by helping survivors recover compensation.

Did A Bar Or Restaurant Overserve You?

Facilities are liable if they serve an intoxicated customer too much alcohol. It is not only the victims of car accidents who can seek compensation through a liquor liability claim. If a bar or restaurant overserved you and, as a result, you got behind the wheel of your car and caused a crash, you might have an actionable case.

When Establishments Serve Alcohol To Minors

Some restaurants, gas stations and beer and liquor stores will serve alcohol to minors without any questions. Even if your minor child deliberately ordered alcohol, you still have the right to hold the establishment liable for providing it. If someone you love suffered harm in an accident caused by a minor who was wrongfully served alcohol, you can also pursue a claim against the bar or restaurant. Mr. Jackson has represented many injured and deceased minors who were sold alcohol underage. 

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