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Why is construction such a risky profession?

On Behalf of | Oct 26, 2022 | Workers' Compensation

Bringing home a paycheck should not come with an inherent risk of harm, but some professions do. The construction industry is prone to on-the-job incidents that may prove difficult to avoid in some instances.

Heavy machinery and trepidatious work conditions may make construction an accident-prone industry. Take a closer look at how injuries occur on and around building sites. While some accidents occur without much warning, a few may prove avoidable or preventable.

What is the most common hazard?

The most common injuries on a job site happen when a worker falls, usually from a height. Since workers often utilize ladders, scaffolding and beams, the inherent risk of fall injuries exist. Workers should take precautions when traversing anything at a height, including wearing construction helmets and utilizing harnesses. Common fall injuries include:

Are there live wires?

Power tools have become a critical part of building homes and commercial structures. Ensuring that power supplies remain dry and well outside an area that may become wet may help workers avoid electrocution. Another source of this devastating injury is live wires that remain a direct conduit between workers and electricity.

Is there heavy machinery on the site?

Equipment malfunctions and operator error continue to prove a source of injuries on and around the construction site. Full training and licensing should remain a priority before letting workers get behind any vehicle that may crush or strike others. Crane safety is especially crucial around commercial sites.

Taking the time to review safety standards and ensuring that workers exercise caution is crucial to ensuring that everyone on a construction site remains free of injury.