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When is a hotel liable for slip-and-falls near the pool?

On Behalf of | Mar 3, 2023 | Slip & Fall Accidents

Hotel owners and staff members have an obligation to ensure that you are safe and comfortable during your stay. This means removing any potential slip-and-fall hazards that might emerge throughout the entire establishment, but the hotel pool can be a dangerous place despite the employees’ best efforts.

Forbes reports that around eight million emergency room visits each year are due to falls, and many of those falling incidents occur on public premises such as in hotels. You can take the appropriate action when you experience a slip-and-fall by understanding when a hotel is liable for accidents near the pool.

Circumstances when a hotel is liable for pool injuries

A hotel is entirely responsible for slip-and-falls that result from existing defects in the floor. Hotel owners should also install slip-resistant tiling in areas surrounding the pool, and you can likely hold them liable if they neglect to do so. Another situation that can result in a catastrophic slip is when hotel staff fail to clean up slick algae that build along the pool.

Circumstances when a hotel is not liable

Staff members require time and opportunity to correct a hazardous condition before guests can hold them liable for a resulting accident. If you slip and fall because another guest spills a beverage by the poolside, for example, the hotel is not responsible until an employee has a reasonable opportunity to clean the spill.

A slip-and-fall accident that occurs on hotel premises can often occur due to the negligence of the staff or business owner. In such a case, you have the right to pursue legal action and secure the compensation you rightfully deserve.