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What is the impact of weather conditions on premises safety?

On Behalf of | May 1, 2024 | Premises Liability

Weather conditions can greatly influence the safety of premises, and property owners must consider these impacts to ensure the protection of all visitors.

There are things that property owners should do during different weather conditions to prevent accidents.

Winter and slippery paths

Although snow rarely falls in Alabama, the northern parts of the state occasionally get snow and ice, which can cause people to slip and fall. Owners must clear paths, parking lots and entrances. They should shovel or sweep off any standing snow and use salt or sand to melt the ice. If they ignore these tasks, the likelihood of accidents increases significantly, exposing them to potential liability claims.

Rainy days and puddles

Rain is much more common during an Alabama winter and persists throughout the year. Rain can make floors and paths slippery. Good drainage is important to stop water from pooling. Owners should ensure that their property has adequate guttering, downspouts and drainage grates to manage water runoff effectively. Additionally, maintaining indoor floor conditions by using absorbent mats and warning signs during wet weather can further prevent accidents. Training your staff to take the time to mop up water on rainy days can also help reduce risks.

Strong winds and loose items

Strong winds can knock down branches and throw around unsecured items, which can be dangerous. Property owners should regularly inspect their premises for potential hazards like loose signage, unsecured roof tiles and overhanging branches that could fall and cause injury. Securing or removing such hazards before storms can significantly reduce the risk of wind-related injuries on the property.

Extreme heat and property maintenance

When it is very hot, property surfaces such as playground equipment, metal seating or walkways can become hot enough to cause burns. Owners might consider adding shade or using materials that do not get as hot. They should also make sure air conditioning is working to prevent heat-related sickness.

Weather conditions affect premises safety in diverse ways, and property owners must address these challenges proactively. By implementing effective safety measures and maintaining their property according to the weather risks prevalent in their area, owners can protect themselves from liability and provide a safer environment for their visitors.