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Dog mauls small child as he was getting on school bus

On Behalf of | Nov 7, 2022 | Personal Injury

Dogs are considered a person’s best friend, but many forget that they are animals at heart, no matter how long they have been domesticated. Not all dogs who attack are bred to fight, and there is often no way to predict when a dog’s behavior will turn violent.

Simple encounter turns violent

An Alabama child was moved to a children’s hospital for treatment after a dog attacked him while he was attempting to get on the school bus from his driveway. Ultimately, the neighbor had to shoot the dog to save the life of the child. Although no charges were immediately pressed against the owner of the dog, WVUA reports that the police chief reminded residents that there is a leash law in the county.

County and state laws dictate fault and damages

The county leash law requires that any vicious dog be in a secure structure or chained up in a way that it does not have access to the public. State law enacted in 1975 also states that any time a dog bites or injures a person without provocation in a place where the person is legally allowed to be, the dog’s owner may be responsible for damages, although the code does include additional requirements.

The damages caused by a dog bite can be more than physical. Many who are bitten also suffer emotional and mental trauma that requires treatment after a terrifying encounter with a dog. Because these things can be expensive, it is important to document the situation, speak to witnesses and approach it as quickly as possible once medical treatment has been rendered.