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When to file a personal injury claim

On Behalf of | Mar 15, 2024 | Personal Injury

Construction sites can be hazardous environments, and accidents can happen unexpectedly.

Knowing when to file a personal injury claim is important if you get hurt while working construction in Alabama. A legal claim can protect your rights.

What do you do after getting an injury at work?

After sustaining an injury, report the incident to your employer or the site supervisor. Alabama law requires prompt reporting of workplace injuries to ensure proper documentation and investigation.

Next, seek medical attention as soon as you can. Do this even if the injury seems minor. Medical records provide documentation of your damages for filing personal injury claims.

How do you qualify for a personal injury claim?

In 2020, construction workers sustained 21,400 nonfatal injuries at work from slips, trips and falls. To file an injury lawsuit, you need to establish the following:

  • Show that your boss had a duty of care to prevent harm
  • Prove that your employer breached that duty of care through negligence, misconduct or other actions
  • Demonstrate how your employer’s actions caused your injury
  • Confirm that you have medical bills, lost wages or other damages as a result of the injury

Gather evidence to support your injury claim. Proof may include photographs, witness statements or documentation related to the accident.

When do you file a personal injury suit?

Alabama law requires that you file an injury claim within two years from the date of the injury. You may lose your right to pursue damages if you do not file your claim during this period.

Understanding the process of filing an injury lawsuit helps you get the compensation you deserve.