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What is the importance of a police accident report?

On Behalf of | Dec 6, 2022 | Personal Injury

If an irresponsible driver crashes into your car while you are on a daily commute, you need all the help you can get to show that you did not cause the accident. Contacting the police to come to the scene to write up a report may make the difference.

Nerdwallet explains that sometimes motorists must call the police if the accident involves serious injuries. Even if you believe the law does not require you to summon a police presence, you may still benefit from having a police report.

A report provides a neutral account

A police officer on the scene can provide the most objective report possible on what has occurred. An officer will likely interview you and the other driver, and also take statements from people who have witnessed the crash.

The officer may note physical landmarks, the time of day, the positions of the crashed vehicles, and other details important to the incident. A law enforcement report that records these details can help establish their credibility if you must cite them in an injury case.

When a police report may help you

There are different situations where a police accident report could assist you. If the other driver tries to pin blame on you for causing the collision, you will need evidence to support your account of what happened. Also, the insurance company for the other motorist might deny your claim for damages unless you can provide evidence that you were not at fault.

You might also need a police report if you decide to litigate for damages or the other party attempts to sue you. Having the report on hand could support evidence that you provide to the case, such as notes you took on the accident and witness accounts you have collected.