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What makes an electrical injury possibly dangerous?

On Behalf of | Mar 31, 2023 | Construction Accidents, Personal Injury

Working on a construction site exposes you to a variety of dangers, including electrocution. Damaged power cords and equipment could subject you to an electrical shock. Even if you only suffer a slight electrical burn, it does not mean you are in the clear.

MedlinePlus explains that human bodies are good conductors of electricity. This means an electrical current can go anywhere in your body and inflict various kinds of damage.

Examples of electrical current injuries

Depending on where the current goes in your body, you could suffer injury to your nerves, muscles or other body tissues. Numbness, pain, spasms, or a tingling sensation may all result. In addition, nerve damage can affect the senses and makes it harder to see, hear, or swallow.

An electrical current may create serious symptoms if it encounters your major organs. Damage to your heart could produce cardiac arrest or a heart attack. An electrical impact on the lungs may create breathing difficulties. Brain injuries sometimes result in seizures and a loss of consciousness.

Factors contributing to severe electrical injuries

If you survive an electrical injury, you likely need immediate medical attention. The severity of any internal injuries you have generally depends on how strong the current was, how it traveled through your body, and how long you had contacted the current.

Even if an electric shock does not inflict serious damage, you could still fall and break one or more of your bones. Different factors may make a road to recovery long and hard. The important thing after an electrical injury is to preserve your life and then seek out the best options for recovery.