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Reasons you can file a premises liability claim in Alabama

On Behalf of | Aug 9, 2023 | Premises Liability

Have you experienced an injury due to a hazard on someone else’s property? If so, understanding the premises liability laws in Alabama can clarify your rights. Essentially, these laws hold property owners and occupiers accountable for injuries that occur on their property due to unsafe conditions.

By knowing the different reasons to file a premises liability claim in Alabama, you can evaluate your options when you face an unfortunate incident.

Hazards causing slip and fall accidents

If a property owner ignores a dangerous condition such as a wet floor or loose carpeting, and you slip, fall and get hurt, you can file a premises liability claim.

Inadequate security resulting in injury or loss

Property owners in Alabama must provide adequate security. For example, if a lack of security leads to a criminal act that results in injury or loss, you can file a premises liability claim.

Faulty stairs or absent handrails

Owners should ensure stairways are safe for use. If you fall and sustain injuries because of broken or uneven stairs, or because of unstable or missing handrails, you have grounds for a premises liability claim.

Poor maintenance of elevators and escalators

Elevators and escalators that malfunction can pose significant dangers. Property owners must keep this equipment in working order. If an injury occurs because an elevator or escalator was not properly maintained, a premises liability claim can be an option.

Dog bites and animal attacks

In Alabama, a dog owner is liable for any damages their dog causes if the dog is not on the owner’s property. So, if a dog bites or attacks you while they are not on their owner’s property, you can file a premises liability claim.

Swimming pool accidents

Property owners need to take safety measures with swimming pools, such as fencing around the pool. If they do not take these measures and an accident happens, you can file a premises liability claim.

If a property owner’s negligence causes your injury, seeking justice is your right. Grasping the basics of Alabama’s premises liability laws can guide you through this process.